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Otto Boteman suffers a massive heart attack and wakes up in a strange, jeweled city filled with beautiful people, a mesmerizing sky defying all physics, and what looks suspiciously like his first car. Seeking answers, Otto has a disturbing encounter with a murdered childhood friend and is assured by some kind of angel bureaucrat that this is Heaven, but God is not here so don’t bother looking. No God? Can’t be Heaven, then, despite the best danishes he’s ever eaten and residence in a pretty nice condo (replete with tailored suits and HBO). Maybe he’s not even dead, just comatose. But then he meets Claudia, a 5th Century beauty running an Irish pub, who tells him about a group of malcontents building a rocket ship in the far desert. Their mission? Find God.

So begins Otto’s journey across a fabulous world peopled with the likes of Doc Holliday, Prester John, and a Mongol horde led by an accountant from West Kankakee, Illinois. Drawing the wrath of a frenzied, suit-wearing army of angels (or demons, can’t tell), Otto discovers that launching the ship just might end the eternal struggle between good and evil.



The epic journey continues...

While the battle rages around the launch gantry, Otto Boteman hustles aboard as the ship lifts off. Now a useless stowaway, Otto must constantly prove his worth or get shown the airlock door. But a stunning encounter at the Pearly Gates changes the entire purpose of the ship, and Otto, along with the rest of the crew, must band together to survive a universe far more terrifying than any of them imagined.


The ship is gone. So is the crew. Only Otto Boteman remains.

Living in a log cabin in a beautiful valley on a planet of two suns and two moons, every dog of his childhood in attendance, every need provided, Otto whiles away the days in peace and silence. It seems like Heaven. Except, God is not here. No one is.

His doubts growing, Otto goes back to the wreckage of the ship seeking…something. What, he’s not sure. But his discovery of a relic within the ship’s remains sets in motion a series of cataclysms that drive Otto across an ever changing world where he confronts old enemies, half-forgotten myths, and the very nature of existence.

And maybe, God Himself.


The Twin Towers are still smoldering when those odd little anthrax letters show up, killing a few people here and there. Some nutcase, everyone thinks, but it’s not – it’s a setup, a precursor to a massive biological attack that leaves the Northeast a quarantined wasteland.
Campus policeman John Rashkil, trapped inside the Zone, chooses to keep doing his job, adding judge and executioner to his resume. He builds a jury-rigged life from what he can salvage and tries to help his teenage son survive this new, Byzantine America.

But a growing sense of futility shatters his confidence, and he is unprepared when a rabble army seeks to break quarantine and pour into the uninfected lands.

Based on an Irish legend of the same name, Partholon is a brutal look at how the just and the civilized respond to anarchy.
  Rebel E Publishers 


Five years after the events of Partholon, a juggernaut Red Armyis bearing down on what's left of the isolated, undermanned, and under-equipped 1st US Combined Forces, nicknamed the Ghosts. Victory is assured; America will fall. But Sergeant Collier Rashkil and his lover, the beautiful and ruthless Major Rosa Arce, are Ghosts. And Ghosts don't die.

Trapped in the swamplands of south Jersey, the Ghosts maintain a thin line of defense, their survival dependent on the intelligence that Rosa and Collier provide. But a reconnasisance mission goes very, very wrong, and Rosa discovers there is a traitor in their midst, one willing to sacrifice all their lives for a flawed Utopian vision.

Based on an Irish legend, Tu'an is a story of brutal combat, of survival, betrayal, and a love that no enemy, no war, not even death, can end.

        Rebel E Publishers                                                                                                         

The Last Man In The World Explains AllTen tales of the mundane, of a universe askew, where things are slightly off:

1. The Last Man in the World Explains All: double check your math.
2. Ghost Woods: shot an arrow into the air, and where it landed...
3. Invisibility: don't attract attention. Just don't.
4. Not With a Bang: this is how the world ends.
5. Do-Over: the problem with time travel is you.
6. An Unfortunate Choice of Words: Aliens. Man, they just don't get it.
7. The World Without Souls: not the most pleasant of places.
8. Reparations: my, how things change.
9. Inherit the Earth: a race, or an idea?
10. An Inappropriate Response: Humans. Man, they just don't get it.

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Real vampires. Tasteful dismemberments. And delightful shivers, from ten old-fashioned horror stories:
  • The Moonlight in Genevieve's Eyes: unrequited love. Tragic. Just tragic.
  • Choice: second chances are rare. Especially when you work for a vampire.
  • The Flowers in Mr. Williams' Garden: neighborhood watch, ghost style.
  • Cistern: zombies are horrible, until they hire you.
  • The Elvish Woman: lovers who steal your soul. Literally.
  • The Trumpet Inside the Warehouse: no one can hear you scream.
  • King of the Bears: be victorious, or be dinner.
  • Angel Eyes: man's best friend, when you forget your cross and garlic.
  • The Absence of Land: sell the farm, pay the consequences.
  • Face to Face: Lane really, really wants to meet his birth mother.

So, grab a crucifix, a shotgun, and come on in. But, leave a clearly marked trail. It's dark in here.

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