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1. The Ship to Look for God. Otto dies, goes to Heaven, but God is not there. So Otto joins a group of misfits building a rocket in a far desert. Their mission? Find God.

2. Tu'an. Five years after the events of Partholon, a juggernaut Red Army is bearing down on what's let of the poorly led, underequipped, and betrayed US 1st Combined Arms Division, nicknamed the Ghosts. Victory is assured; America will fall. But Sergeant Collier Rashkil, and his lover, the beautiful and ruthless Major Rosa Arce, are Ghosts. And Ghosts don't die.

3. Frank Vaughn, Killed by his Mom. In 1965, a ten-year-old makes an unwilling Odyssey across the South, not just losing his innocence but having it trapped, hogtied, and skinned alive.